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Peter Concannon has been interested in martial arts and medieval history since childhood.  He has a background in judo, jujutsu and aikido.  In college he studied under Dr. Steven Pearlman and began approaching the study of martial arts in terms of their fundamental and universal principles.  He began studying Historical European Martial Arts, specifically Liechtenauer’s Kunst Des Fechtens, under Tristan Zukowski of the New York Historical Fencing Association in 2013 and shortly after began studying and teaching dagger combat, using the works of Fiore Dei Liberi and other medieval and renaissance masters as a guide and relying on his previous experience to interpret their intent.  He began fencing competitively in late 2013.


IGX 2013 – 1st place Basic Longsword

Longpoint 2017 – 2nd place Paired Technique

Long Island Point 2017 – 1st place Paired Technique

Lord Baltimore’s Challenge 2018 – 1st place Sidesword

Queen’s Gambit 2019 – 2nd place Sidesword Cutting, 2nd place Sidesword Biathlon

Capitol Clash 2019 – Finalist, Cutting

Capitol Clash 2020 Sword & Buckler Warm-up Tournament – 3rd place

Capitol Clash 2020 – 1st place, Cutting

King’s Cup 2022 Sword & Buckler Warm-up Tournament – 2nd place

Queen’s Gambit 2022 – 1st place Longsword Cutting, 1st place Sidesword Cutting, 3rd place Sidesword, 4th place Invitational Spear, Sidesword Biathlon Champion

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