Classes and Schedule

No experience necessary

Saturdays from 1-2:30

All skill levels, including complete beginners, are welcome. Classes will have a loose structure of solo fundamentals practice, partnered drilling, and sparring.  Don’t worry if you miss a class. Whatever you missed will definitely be covered again in a future class.


This class will be held occasionally to gauge students’ progress and help them identify what they should be working to improve.  Also, because cutting things with swords is super fun.  Students must roll their own tatami mats in advance or arrange to have them rolled.

Private Lessons

Lessons are available to individuals or small groups of up to 4 people and will be based on the experience level of the student(s).  To schedule a lesson or discuss rates for larger groups please message us on Facebook or email us at

Class Pricing:

Classes are $30 each.

Cutting: $8 per mat, limit of 3 per session

Private Lessons: $50 per hour

How to Sign Up

To sign up for a class, send an email to



  • We will be training outside until the weather gets uncomfortably cold.  Water may or may not be available on site.  Please bring your own.


  • Wear comfortable athletic clothing and closed toe shoes that are weather appropriate.

  • Make sure you are properly clothed for the sun and rain.  Classes will only be cancelled due to weather in extreme circumstances.

Loaner Gear

  • We have loaner gear available for all classes, so you can practice with a sword in hand as you begin training with us.  This also lets new students get a feel for HEMA equipment before investing in their own.


Classes will be held at 23531 Rolling Fork Way in Gaithersburg, MDIMG_1461

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